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Terms and Conditons 


Brand Partner and Developer agree to the Services outlined on this page. Results are not guaranteed. Developer reserves the right to publicly use, showcase, display, or otherwise promote the content and/or performance of work done in the scope of this agreement. 

Ownership and license of final, edited deliverables only will transfer to Brand Partner upon fulfillment of the payment terms of this agreement. Developer retains ownership and license of raw footage and production files indefinitely. Brand Partner may purchase raw footage for $799, plus hard drive and shipping. Developer is under no obligation to store, maintain, or otherwise preserve video files after delivery of final video product. Assets may be used on digital channels only, unless a television or other specified media buyout arrangement has been made. Developer reserves the right to use any unused, non-branded, non-specific footage for content library and distribution purposes.


Developer can issue full refund upon cancelation of services provided by Brand Partners before the project has entered production. If production has begun, no refund will be provided to Brand Partner. Brand Partner recognizes that subjective creative preferences or differences in creative taste are not grounds for cancellation.

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